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Is your debt piling up?

We can help you negotiate with your creditors. Contact us today!

Is your debt out of control?


Are you tired of dealing with creditors and collectors yourself? Bob can often settle debts for far less than face value. Attorney fees are fully explained in advance.

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Your privacy will be respected


Your debt may have been caused due to a lifestyle change or medical condition. We will respect your privacy throughout the debt negotiation process and keep all legal dealings confidential. Get the quality legal representation you deserve to help get you out of debt and move on with your life.

You will appreciate our services


The debt negotiation process can be confusing. Let us handle the work while keeping you informed throughout the process. We can help relieve  your debt-related stress. Give us a call for a FREE initial consultation! Our caring, professional staff will help get you out of debt.

Do you need help dealing with your creditors?
Call us today for a FREE initial consultation!

Battle Creek: 269-979-1999

Kalamazoo: 269-381-3771

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